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This is confirmation that you have booked a tour with Kayaking Atlantis.
You need to bring a swimming suit, sun protection, towel, drinking water.


Please watch the instructional video before the kayak tour: watch video.
On this channel you will find more videos about our work and life in Tenerife, in case you want to see them too.
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Here are our contact details:
Ed. Guayero, 3 Los Cristianos, entrance from the seaside: go to google map
We are open daily from 9:00 to 18:00.


Please be on time at the appointed hour in the appointed place.
If you are coming in your own transport and going to be late, please inform us about it.
If you are waiting to be picked up by your hotel/apartment more than 5 minutes after the appointed hour, please, give us a call: +34671408970.

Please, wait for the pick up outside of your hotel/apartment complex (not inside).
If we pick you up tomorrow from a private address (not a hotel), please whatsapp us your location (Whatsapp location or Google Maps location) to our number +34671408970. That will exclude any delay on picking you up.
If you have a rest to pay on the day of activity, please prepare it in cash.

Looking forward to kayaking with you!
Best regards,
Kayaking Atlantis team

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