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Scuba diving in Tenerife is a special adventure, as you discover fantastic lava landscapes hidden under the surface. It's a unique experience that you can easily do, even if you have no previous experience or training in scuba diving. Become an explorer of the Atlantic ocean with diving center Atlantis!

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This is a wonderful way to spend an active day with the whole family or your friends. Kayaking in Tenerife has been gaining more popularity in recent years, as it's easy to manage, good for health, and lets you enjoy spectacular views of the South of Tenerife. Go on a kayaking tour in Los Cristianos with kayaking club Atlantis!

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We have been working in Tenerife since 2013, when we launched a diving center in Playa la Arena. Thanks to a great team of diving instructors, we've managed to grow quickly. Our diving and snorkeling tours became a success. Then we decided to make another step, and start new kayaking excursions that are a perfect family activity in Tenerife. We can easily combine kayaking with snorkeling and scuba diving trips, as we have the best professional team for that. In 2017 we moved our office and opened the dive center in los Cristianos, on the promenade of the main touristic village in the South of Tenerife. We aimed to improve our work in scuba diving and kayaking, and we actually did! Thanks to a perfect location of our dive and kayak club in Los Cristianos, right on the beach, it's easy and comfortable to arrange scuba dives, as well as kayak and snorkel trips here.

We give our special thanks to the team of instructors, who have gained a lot of experience in different water activities, and continue to grow together with us. Each instructor got a special qualification for accompanying canoeing tours in Tenerife. And now our customers can enjoy water sports in Tenerife, choosing to scuba dive, snorkel or kayak in Los Cristianos, with its amazing underwater life and picturesque surroundings.

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